New Trailer Lands For Black Ops III's Eclipse DLC

The new map pack arrives tomorrow on PlayStation 4.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

Four new maps are winging their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops III's multiplayer, as well as a new zombie mode arena in the new DLC pack Eclipse. The map pack will available tomorrow (April 19) for PlayStation 4 as part of the game's season pass, or separately.

The four new multiplayer maps are:

Verge, which looks like near future shanty town, is half quarry, half corrugated corridor with plenty of level changes to make good use of Black Ops' acrobatic movement.

Knockout with its classic Japanese architecture is a re-imagining of the classic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai. It looks like someone removed most of the floor so there's plenty of options for skilled wall runners to get the drop on their foes.

Spire is a clean white utopian airport, well not for long. Several small pods orbit a larger central combat zone sitting high above the earth. It's a long way down if you don't get your movement right.

Finally, Rift is a moody sky car train station that, like Spire, is high enough to force precise wall running and jumping especially since it's above a volcano; seems a silly place to put a train station.

One the zombies side of things we have Zetsuobou No Shima. Four shipwrecked soldiers face terrifying zombies on a Pacific island. The zombies are former Japanese soldiers embroiled in a nefarious experiment. Oh, and there are spiders... big ugly spiders.

Eclipse will come to Xbox One and PC sometime soon.

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