I Am Setsuna Gets its First Gameplay Trailer

There are hints of Chrono Trigger inside.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

The brand new RPG I Am Setsuna is wearing its influences on its sleeve with a battle system lifted straight from legendary RPG Chrono Trigger.

The battle system isn't the only nod to old school games either. The art style, oversized characters exploring a world map, and the obligatory airship all hark back to classics of the genre.

Considering this game is being published by Square Enix -- who own the rights to Chrono Trigger -- it's unclear why they don't just make a new game in the series. At least in the meantime fans of classics like Final Fantasy, Golden Sun and Dragon Quest can get a nostalgic fix.

The release is just around the corner too, so if you have a PC or PlayStation 4 look for I am Setsuna when it releases on July 19. Pre-ordering the game from Steam will get you a free digital soundtrack from composer Tomoki Miyoshi so you can enjoy those sombre piano tunes whenever you like.

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