Hell Comes to Mars in Doom Launch Trailer

Let the carnage begin.

By Tony Antunovich @tonyantunovich

Just a few more days and you will be able to crush Hell's army of demons as Doom drops next Tuesday (May 13) on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

To coincide with the game's release, Bethesda have revealed its launch trailer, which you can view above.

Developed by Id Software, Doom puts you, the player, back in the shoes of a reactivated marine, whose sole mission is to obliterate the demon hordes. The battleground is Mars, where The Union Aerospace Corporation’s large research facility has been taken over by Hell's bastards.

As the hero, you will have high-tech weaponry at your disposal, along with slick movement and advanced melee abilities to rip apart, incinerate, blow up, impale, dice up, and smash -- or whatever else you can think of -- the demon army.

Doom will feature both an unforgiving story-based campaign -- where you can choose to play in different difficulty settings -- and fast-paced multiplayer action. Also included is the Doom SnapMap, a robust, easy-to-use game and level editor that allows you to basically put together different maps and customize them visually to your heart's content. You can add pre-made gameplay elements or create custom ones to play on your own or share it online with your friends.

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