Watch Dogs 2 Officially Announced

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is real, and gone is Chicago and Aiden Pierce.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

With Assassin's Creed taking a well-deserved rest this year, the path has been cleared for Watch Dogs to come storming back in Watch Dogs 2, realizing the potential laid out by the first game.

Replacing the protagonist everyone loved to hate -- Aiden Pierce -- is Marcus Holloway, a hacker who is accused of a crime he didn't commit. He's more animated than Aiden and much better at parkour; also he attacks people with a snooker ball on a string. Feel free to pretend it's a yoyo.

Marcus isn't a Chicagoan either, he's a San Franciscan. The bay area has adopted the crime-fighting, city-automating operating system ctOS 2.0 which is, of course, fully exploitable by clever people like Mr. Holloway.

The CGI trailer accompanying the trailer hints at the some of the new features including drones, robots and 3D printed guns and security robots.

"Our creative team is working hard to deliver an outstanding Watch_Dogs experience," said Dominic Guay, senior producer at Ubisoft Montreal. "In Watch_Dogs 2, we're excited to give players a captivating storyline with engaging characters that offers deeper, more meaningful hacking options, a greater variety of gadgets and weapons and a brand new seamless multiplayer experience that will appeal to fans of the original Watch_Dogs as well as players new to the brand."

The multiplayer in the original Watch Dogs was a fascinating game of cat and mouse, but one that required loading into separate areas. If Watch Dogs 2 can integrate these moments into the overworld, we could be in for a real treat.

Most exciting of all is that Watch Dogs 2 is imminent, as it will release on November 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The following editions will be available for pre-order:

  • Deluxe Edition - includes the game and the Deluxe pack of digital customization items.
  • Gold Edition - includes the game, the Deluxe pack of digital customization items and the Season Pass.
  • Collector's Edition - available for pre-order -- with either the Standard, Deluxe or Gold Edition -- via the Uplay shop and you'll get the exclusive Wrench Junior robot, a motorized companion controlled by an app on smartphones or tablets.

Anyone who preorders the game will also get an exclusive mission called Zodiac Killer, where an "unwanted ghost" from San Francisco's past has returned after a fifty-year absence.

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