Rogue Records America Accepting Submissions for Fallout 4 Radio Station

Fallout 4

Bands of any size can be rockin' in the wastelands.

By Justin Knight @StoicWriter

Rogue Records America is creating a MOD for Fallout 4 which will implement a radio station within the game, and are now accepting song submissions from Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands.

The MOD radio station will be released in Fallout 4 next month on Steam, Xbox One and PS4. Tracks must be submitted in a 16-bit lossless uncompressed WAV file, along with a bio and a Facebook link. Submissions can be sent via the Rogue Records Facebook support page or via email before May 30.

"The whole idea came about because I got to thinking on how we attain, collect, use and sell music and how it is changing," said Rogue Records America owner Dean Martinetti. "It's only natural, in my opinion, to think about new ways of discovery as well. The idea to take our artists and put them into video games was really a no brainer for me; I've been in the game industry for 17 years. This was to just be a radio station for all our artists, and then I thought 'I know a LOT of bands and I know of a lot of bands that are dying for exposure like this...I should see if they want in.'"

Any band that has submitted a track successfully will be notified by email in the following weeks.

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