Next Major Update for The Division Coming Next Week

Tom Clancy's The Division

Free update 1.2: Conflict

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

The second free update for Tom Clancy's The Division will be available to download next Tuesday (May 24) and it brings a raft of new content including the game's second incursion, gear sets, high value targets and Dark Zone changes.

The star of the update is the Clear Sky incursion -- a tough as nails incursion to take back the city's anti-air defense systems. The gang responsible for the takeover -- the Rikers -- are using their new dominance to hijack supplies, and it's up to you, and a few friends, to put a stop to it.

Of course, you'll be rewarded for succeeding with new high-end gear sets and weapons. The video below hints at these sets, giving bonuses to specific play styles, so if you like to sit back and snipe there'll be a specific set you want to collect.

Outside of the instanced incursions there are several new gang leaders to take out. Players will need to complete missions get a chance at putting them down.

Dark Zone fans will either love or lament to the new hijack extraction feature. If you stumble across loot extraction or you just feel like double-crossing your companions you can cut the rope connecting the loot to the helicopter and try and claim it for yourself. Of course you also need to extract that loot so you can see how mayhem will ensue.

These free updates are in addition to a full season pass which will bring three additional content packs: Underground is out in June, Survival will release sometime this Summer and finally Last Stand will complete the set in Winter.


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