Grow Home Coming to PS4

Grow Home

Vote for the game to be added to for free download on PlayStation Plus.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

Ubisoft today announced that Grow Home, an intriguing new platformer from Ubisoft Reflections, will available to download on September 1 on PlayStation 4.

Grow Home tells the tale of B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) as he journeys through a gloriously colourful, isometric universe searching for a new plant species to save his home world.

The climbing centric adventure allows players to control each of B.U.D's arms independently. The heightened control enables B.U.D to intuitively scale the largely vertical planet he explores.

B.U.D is able to shape the planet and reach new heights thanks to his Star Shoot ability, which allows him to create new platforms, and paths, to find secrets in the open world.

Originally released on PC, Grow Home garnered favourable reviews and now PS4 owners will able to vote for the game to be part of the PlayStation Plus program, making it free in September for all PS Plus members. Voting opens on August 13 and the results will be announced on August 24. To vote, simply log onto the PlayStation Plus section of PS Store.

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