Amplitude Release Date Confirmed for PS4


Full track listing includes tracks from composers of Minecraft and Transistor.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised a whopping $844,127, Amplitude finally has a confirmed release date for PS4. Backers, fans of the original, and new fans alike will be able to play through the games 31 tracks on January 5, 2016.

As a reboot of the PS2 cult original from 2003, this new version comes with updated visuals, more precise controls and a brand new soundtrack delivered in the style of a Sci-Fi concept album. The upgrade to HD means the colourful aesthetic is more psychedelic than ever and the developers experience on Guitar Hero, and Rock Band has allowed them to make their note-matching gameplay more exact than ever.

The soundtrack has moved away from licensed Pop and Electro hits with much of the music now crafted in house by the Harmonix development team as well as several tracks from some of the industry's best composers, including Darren Korb -- who worked on the wonderful music in Transistor, -- C418 of Minecraft fame, Danny B -- whose music is so key to the gameplay in Crypt of the Necrodancer -- and Jim Guthrie who scored Below, which is currently in development at Capybara Games. Anyone who backed the Kickstarter to the tune of $7,500 also got to add their own track to the game.

Here's the complete list of all the songs available in the game:

  • All The Time - C418
  • Assault on Psychofortress - Single White Infidel
  • Astrosight - Inter:sect ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • Break for Me - James Landino ft. Noelle LeBlanc
  • Concept - Symbion Project
  • Crazy Ride - Insomniac Games
  • Crypteque (1-2) - Danny Baranowsky
  • Crystal - George & Jonathan
  • Dalatecht - Harmonix
  • Decode Me - Inter:sect ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • Digital Paralysis - Harmonix
  • Do Not Retreat - Komputer Kontroller
  • Dreamer - Harmonix
  • Energize - Harmonix
  • Entomophobia - M-Cue
  • Force Quit - Jim Guthrie
  • Human Love - Harmonix
  • I.C.U. - Harmonix
  • Impossible - Darren Korb
  • Lights - Wolfgun
  • Magpie - Harmonix
  • Muze (Amplitude Remix) - Ingrid Lukas, Remix by Patrik Zosso and Nik Bärtsch
  • Perfect Brain - Harmonix
  • Phantoms - Freezepop
  • Recession - Jeff Allen ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • Red Giant - Kodomo
  • Supraspatial - Jeff Allen ft. Naoko Takamoto
  • Synthesized - Symbion Project
  • Unfinished Business - Shiohito Taki & Junichi Kamiunten
  • Wayfarer - Harmonix
  • Wetware - Harmonix

Amplitude will be available to download from the PlayStation 4 Store worldwide for $19.99 on January 5, 2016. The game is also coming to PlayStation 3, but the release dated is yet to be confirmed.

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