Watch the Total War: Attila Launch Trailer

Total War: Attila

Now available exclusively on PC.

By Adam Goddard @froggard

Total War: Attila, developed by the UK's Creative Assembly, is now available to purchase at retailers or as a digital download on PC.

In Total War: Attila, famine, disease and war sweep through the lands and the Roman empire is in a divided state as barbaric tribes step up and bring the fight. The battleground is in Scythia, the herald of the apocalypse, where the warlord Attila the Hun has formed a massive legion of warriors.

As Atillia's forces descend upon your homeland, a new unique vision on the survival strategy game will take place as the world darkens around you. Improved gameplay mechanics add to the real-time Total War system.

The Total War series of strategy games will also soon see the release of Total War: Arena and Total War Battles: Kingdoms.

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