Steam Greenlight Highlights of the Week

Little Racers Street

Try this little indie racing game on for size.

By Tom Gibbs @TAGibby4

Folks, I'm afraid this week's edition of Steam Greenlight Highlights is going to be a pretty short one. This is because there only happens to be one greenlight game currently available to purchase. But don't worry; there are at least fifty more games that are going to make their way over to the Steam Greenlight section in the weeks to come. When they eventually do show up, I'll be sure to pick out the best from the rest. For now though, let's place a single spotlight down on a "little" indie game called Little Racers STREET.

Little Racers STREET is, as you can imagine, is a car focused racing game. This top-down racer doesn't go the professional route like Gran Turismo. Instead it opts for the urban side of racing. The emphasis is definitely placed on street as over sixty tracks of varying sizes are featured within two cities to pick and choose from. If you want to step in and start racing right away, you'll welcome to do so, but you would wind up missing out on a fun career mode that allows you to customize your own vehicle and improve it with upgrades as you progress further into the career. Bigger wins means bigger modifications that will turn your car into a bonifide speed machine.

Top-down racing action.
Top-down racing action.

Unlike other popular racing games, the top-down feature has a very nostalgic feel to it. The look and camera angles remind me of the old R.C. Pro-Am game from the NES days. But this blows that game out of the water with sharp HD visuals and a great physics engine that makes for fun looking bumps and crashes along the racetrack. It even has weather effects such as rain and snow which can make some races even more challenging.

Along with online multiplayer for up to twelve racers, over forty cars to choose from, over fifty race challenges, and a time trial mode, you're getting a big value from Little Racers STREET. It's currently available to purchase at a very reasonable price of $7.99, but if you get it before February 13 you can get an additional twenty percent off. This is definitely a Greenlight gem you don't want to miss out on.


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