Anno 2205 Launches Today Exclusively on PC

Anno 2205 moon hotel

Take a trip into space or build your cities right here on earth.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

It's time to put your city planner hat on as the latest game in developer Blue Byte's city-building franchise, Anno 2205, releases digitally and at retail today exclusively on PC.

The year is 2205 and the far future setting means that cities can be built on the Moon as well as Earth. Beyond the space colonization players can also grapple with advanced technologies such as flying cars and power shields that protect lunar cities from stray asteroids.

"We are very proud to finally let Anno fans and newcomers enjoy the next evolution in the Anno series," says Burkhard Ratheiser, executive producer on Anno 2205. "After more than three years in development, Anno not only reaches for the stars but is also the biggest Anno ever created."

The new tech extends to the game features too with the new session mode allowing players to control multiple cities in different environments including the Moon, the Arctic and warmer areas of Earth. These regions can trade with each, a feature essential for growth since some resources can only be found in certain environments. All of the cities can be bigger as well, up to five times the size of those found in previous Anno games with a cap of one million inhabitants.

North American players will be able to get their hands on the Anno 2205 Gold Edition, which includes two expansion packs: Tundra and Orbit. These downloadable add-ons bring new technologies for even more advanced cities. The two expansions are also available separately, or in the season pass for anyone who purchases the standard edition and will be released at a later date.

Anno 2205 isn't the only Anno game releasing today. Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner is a free, match 3 puzzle game available on mobile devices. The game is standalone, but there is a chance to unlock rare materials in the app which can be transferred to the PC game and used to improve your cities.

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