Monster Hunter Generations Expands the Combat

Monster Hunter Generations

New stylish hunting abilities on the way.

By Martin Pratt @martin8652

It's safe to say that Monster Hunter has found a happy home on 3DS. After Monster 3 Ultimate straddled Wii U and 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 and now Monster Hunter Generations are exclusive to Nintendo's handheld.

Due for release this Summer, Monster Hunter Generations is making some changes to the combat to give a greater sense of freedom and control. The new options stem from the four Styles that hunters can adopt. They are:

  • Aerial Style, as the name suggests, focus on air combat by giving hunters a jump attack and making it easier to take down monsters from a mounted position.
  • Guild Style is the Monster Hunter experience fans know and love utilizing the 14 weapons types.
  • Adept Style focuses on defensive dodges and counterattacks. New blocking manoeuvres will change depending on what weapons you're using too.
  • Striker Style focuses on the build-up of energy before unleashing it using one of the new Hunter Art special moves.

These hunter arts will be simple to use in combat and once the requisite energy is stored one button press will unleash the potent abilities.

If you're at PAX East this weekend you'll have the chance to go hands on ahead of the Summer release. Let us know what you think of the four player co-op hunting in the comment section below.

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