Wolf Hoffmann to Release Second Solo Album

New instrumental solo effort features music dedicated to Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and others great Classical composers.

By Tony Antunovich @tonyantunovich

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann will be releasing his second solo album, Headbangers Symphony, on July 1 through Nuclear Blast. The long-awaited follow-up to 1997's Classical, this new opus is an appropriate successor, as Hoffmann once again dedicates it all to the greatest Classical composers in history like Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

"I always listen to classical music," states Hoffmann. "It's always playing throughout my house. I have a huge collection of classics and as I listen - often at random, I take notes if something truly strikes me. When I notice that this or that could work in a translation to rock or heavy metal, I remember it and I pursue it! This has been going on for a long time!

I have always incorporated classical music in my songwriting with Accept, especially with Metal Heart, but I constantly felt there was so much more that I could do and I did not want to overloadAccept or force it in any way. I always knew I could make a whole record of it and that's how the first record Classical was born. Even today, fans tell me that they are still listening to it, that's why it is so fantastic now to do another one.

I am just so excited about Headbangers Symphony. It has taken a long, long time but here we are, it's done, finally! It's truly coincidental, after we completed the last Accept tour, I finally had the time to finish it. I started this a few years ago. The early recordings have been sitting in my archives in my home studio for years, almost completed. The reality was that with the continued success of Accept, I was only able to work on it when Accept was not recording or touring.

There are two major categories. First the heavier stuff like Beethoven, the bombastic, full force epics on which you can simply shred along. Of course then there are the ballads, slower compositions that bring out the deeper feelings in each listener. In general, it does follow the same path, but this time I did try to add a couple lesser known compositions. Mostly though, listeners will say, hey, I know that melody... so it's pretty much the same path as the Classical record. It was my desire to record melodies I like and melodies people recognize.

I worked so much and so long on this until I felt it was ready. Now it is and I am thrilled and proud. This is my baby, my labor of love, ready for me to set it free."

Track Listing

  1. Scherzo (L. v. Beethoven)
  2. Night On Bald Mountain (M. Mussorgsky)
  3. Je Crois Entendre Encore (G. Bizet)
  4. Double Cello Concerto in G Minor (A. Vivaldi)
  5. Adagio (T. Albinoni)
  6. Symphony No. 40 (W. A. Mozart)
  7. Swan Lake (P. Tchaikovsky)
  8. Madame Butterfly (G. Puccini)
  9. Pathétique (L. v. Beethoven)
  10. Meditation (J. Massenet)
  11. Air On The G String (J. S. Bach)

Hoffmann recently spoke with Metaleater in an exclusive interview where part of the discussion was focused on Headbangers Symphony.

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