Asenblut Vocalist Tetzel Talks About New EP Legenden


German Viking Metal rising.

By Tony Antunovich @tonyantunovich

German Viking Metal/Melodic Death Metal band Asenblut are releasing their new EP, titled Legenden, on February 16, 2018 through AFM Records. Vocalist Tetzel (also known as Tetzel Halbgottschmiede) called in to Metaleater headquarters to talk to Tony Antunovich about the new EP.

During the 50+-minute conversation Tetzel also discussed Asenblut's upcoming live tour dates and, of course, his love of Heavy Metal, lifting weights and video games.

Why the band chooses to sing primarily in German...

"It's not because of the lack of the command over the English language. When we started with the band, I was already studying English, and to study English you basically have to speak English fluently. So that was not the issue. I think it's a lot harder to express in a diverse and interesting way in German, because German has a lot less words than English, and to actually express something in your mother tongue and to put it into words that are interesting and also ... to give it a certain tone. That's not easy. I wrote for some bands lyrics in English actually and I always found it so easy. It was the bigger challenge to write in German, and I also always thought it's our mother tongue; it's our heritage. Why should we sing in a different language?"

On re-recording their songs from their early days...

"There's a couple of things that went into this decision. First of all, we released Berserker in 2016 and were pretty much aware that it would take a little bit more time to get the next album going. You basically need some output to keep people interested and maybe new people to discover you, and we were aware that our first album -- as usually is the case -- doesn't have too many listeners anywhere. So we looked at those songs and we knew that the recording we had on the first album -- the quality of the recording itself -- technically was subpar. It wasn't up to what the songs really are about. So we thought about that and said 'Okay, well... let's take a closer look at the songs.' Basically back then -- even on the first album -- ten years ago when we wrote them defined what our later songs would be like in a certain way. All the melodic stuff; also the more death metal feeling than some of the thrashier songs, and we took those songs Die Legende (The Legend), Heldenbürde... the toll you put on the hero for being a hero doing what he does... being called a hero for things he does even though he might have doubts in his mind about it, because sometimes he's just a killer. That's what the song actually is about. It's about the supposed hero thinking about where it all gets him and what's left after he's done his deeds, and even if people call him a hero is it really worth it to do what he does. So that's what the song is about... a hero's toll basically. And what else do we have there... the betrayer's end... the betrayer's demise... Von Des Verräters Untergang. And last but not least Asenblut, our self-titled song, which is to beat your chest.. be proud of the music you do, of the stuff you do the things that drive you."

Listen to the entire interview below or directly via Metaleater's SoundCloud.

Asenblut Legende

Track Listing

  1. Die Legende (2018)
  2. Heldenbürde (2018)
  3. Asenblut (2018)
  4. God or Man (Manowar Cover)
  5. Von Des Verräters Untergang (2018)

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