A Candid Conversation With Metal Mike Chlasciak

Metal Mike Chlasciak
Photo courtesy of Metal Mike Chlasciak

Metal Mike says Heavy Metal gave us something to look up to that was bigger and better than daily life.

By Tony Antunovich @tonyantunovich

Guitarist / recording artist / guitar teacher / entrepreneur "Metal" Mike Chlasciak recently called in to Metaleater to talk extensively about his favorite topic: Heavy Metal.

During the lengthy candid conversation, Chlasciak discusses his passion for Heavy Metal music and what drove him to pick up the guitar in the first place, plus his favorite bands, albums, career moments and much more.

When asked if he thinks originality is still present in modern Heavy Metal music, he states:

"I think it is still there, and I think there are great different bands doing different things, especially a lot of the bands from Scandinavia like Finland and Norway. I've been hearing a lot of cool bands coming out of Finland. I mean, some of them are like straight out of like '88, but they do it really well. Like Santa Cruz or there is actually a really poppy band called Reckless Love... really poppy. The guy looks like David Lee Roth and all that, but the guitar player actually has a real guitar sound. It actually sounds like a real guitar, not a paper-thin shred thing. So there is a different dynamic that's coming from that part of the world right now. But, of course, we know all about Children of Bodom and a lot of the Black Metal Scandinavian bands. So I think the originality is there, and hopefully the labels are releasing it."

Check out the entire interview via Metaleater's SoundCloud or listen to it below.

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