'Progressive' Changes Part Four: Conclusions

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Many choices, many directions.

Justin Knight

By Justin Knight @StoicWriter

Jeff's words left me with a lot to think about as I reflected on what he had said. Based on what I had liked and disliked lately, I suddenly wondered if I was being a little sexist by daring to criticize the likes of Jessica Jones and the direction Marvel had taken with the new Thor and so on. As an example, my wife and I sat and watched the pilot of the Supergirl series to see what it was like and we both found it boring, the story felt rushed and we were both surprised to see that it was picked up for a full season. Then again I wondered, was I being sexist? I also took a look at the first issue of Angela: Queen of Hel and I really liked it. The story was slowly gripping me and the art was pretty awesome. Then I remembered what happened in issue four and I decided against continuing to buy it because it seemed to me that such a silly attempt to inject the author's private politics into the story was not only so out of place, but it broke the emersion of the story itself.

I have been collecting the new Wolverine series and even though the character of X23 is a cool choice to take over the mantle Logan left behind. The opening story has been boring, so I decided not to go with it and will drop it once the story has finished. Again though, was I being sexist here? Not in this case, I felt. As I said, I found the story boring and I look upon it now with disappointment more than anything else, and although I may get some hate for saying this, there will only ever be one Wolverine and he's dead. This new character is just X23 using his name.

The more I sat and thought about it the more I realized I didn't care about character gender at all, be it in comics, games, TV or movies. I just wanted a good story that was worth my time and money. Supergirl, as I mentioned, was boring and barely worth a mention (hence why its mentioned in closing) and Jessica Jones was a dark, depressing and padded-out story which I barely made it through, but I loved Daredevil because to me it was about a flawed character who wasn't invincible but still giving it all he had. It took him all series to get there, unlike Supergirl, who pretty much came to full strength in her pilot. Go feminism I guess? It is no wonder to me now that I barely watch television anymore as I have been turned off by a lot of what is available today -- bad storytelling and unwanted political viewpoints making their way into such shows have produced a grim result. I know in the future I will be much more selective in what I watch and that to me is such a shame that I now think like that, but I understand now why Paddy Chayesky said what he did about it, all those years ago.

East of West issue No. 1

As for comics though, I'll be taking Jeff's advice on the whole thing and simply not buy those series that are seemingly pushing their long-time fans aside in favour of this new "progressive" audience. I doubt I will go near much in the way of Marvel or DC as they seem so commercialized and routine, and the previously-mentioned unwelcome changes or addition of politics thrown in. So I shall be turning in the direction of Image to see what they have. But again, is sexism on my part a factor in this? After some thought I concluded it wasn't. In my youth I had collected such series as Silver Sable & The Wild Pack, Alias, The Black Widow mini-series, the Angela mini-series, Witchblade, Fathom and even Danger Girl (when it actually came out). I never remotely cared that the main characters were women. I enjoyed the stories and did so right until I quit the hobby when the children started rolling in.

I'm enjoying being back in the saddle now and its nice because comics were my first love long before video games came calling, but I dislike a lot of what I see now. My choices will be made wisely to avoid disappointment and wasting money. I don't hold out hope for future adaptations from comics into either television shows or films when the source material itself is rapidly becoming a murky wasteland. However, on the bright side, I guess it will save me some money on trips to the cinema and will be used for something more useful.

But do I like comics? Even after all this? I love comics! I just don't like what they've done to them.

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