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Allison Road

On a happier note.

Justin Knight

By Justin Knight @OptimusJut

My last two blog entries were pretty much written in a lower tone, so I decided to write one on a much happier note, so here it goes. It has been a very long time since I have brought anything with Konami's name slapped on it, besides Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros. I played it for ten minutes and decided it really wasn't for me and traded it in. One game I was looking forward to, along with many others, was Silent Hills and I was quite jealous of all the PS4 owners out there (I'm on Xbox One) who got to play the now legendary demo simply titled PT, as well as watching how it would eventually end with Norman Reedus' face and the title slowly revealing itself. The cancellation of the project broke many hearts, but that is a story for already told by many before me, what this blog piece is about the game company that came along and picked up the ball Konami dropped in the mud.

I love YouTubers. There is a brutal honesty with them that is almost unbeatable in my mind and for a lot of people out there, also like myself, sometimes sticking on a YouTube video is better than TV these days. One person whose videos I have come to love is AlphaOmegaSin, a man who's set up is primarily him standing in front of a camera and voicing his thoughts on mostly issues in the gaming world with a very impressive collection of games behind him. A video of his that drew my attention was him encouraging people to get behind the Kickstarter of a game called Allison Road, a Horror game that a growing fan base labelled as the spiritual successor to PT and Silent Hills. I took a look at its Kickstarter page and really liked what I saw. It struck me as a labour of love for the creator of this game, Lilith, and I admired what was trying to be done here. I am a man who lives from one payday to the next so I was waiting for my bank to be topped up again before I chipped into this project, because I really wanted this to happen. But then I saw something that made me gasp: the funding for the project had been cancelled by the creator. I assumed the worst and carried on with my day, feeling that it was a shame it wouldn't be happening.

I got a surprise when I saw that the game was still in development. The company had instead joined forces with Team17 to make the game a reality and this was something I had not seen coming. The Kickstarter had just gotten over the half way point when this happened, so it was surprising but at least with someone like Team17 on a developer's side, the game was pretty much a certainty. Good Horror games are few and far between these days. The last Silent Hill was crap and the series was almost dead until PT came along, but when Silent Hills was canned, that was it for most of us Horror game fans. Alien: Isolation and Outlast are fine examples, but I saw a lot of people's hopes pinned on Silent Hills until Konami flushed it down the toilet. A game like Allison Road seems to have breathed life back into the hopes of many, and with the industry the way it is these days, I wish the company all the best.

An official game for Friday the 13th was announced and has its own Kickstarter on the go too. I plan on chipping in to that as it sounds like a lot of fun, but in the meantime, don't let us down Lilith. There are an awful lot of gamers counting on you to not repeat Konami's mistake. I shall be keeping an eye on the development of this game with a keen interest and I encourage you to do so as well.

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