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Metaleater is an entertainment media publication that delivers coverage of video games, movies and music. Through honest reporting and authentic content, our purpose is to keep you connected with the latest entertainment information to help enhance your experiences in positive ways.

A Little History

Metaleater was founded by Tony Antunovich in 2002 and officially launched online in June 2004. Initially a music-related website, Metaleater is now a much larger, expanded entertainment source providing coverage of video games and movies.

As Metaleater continues to move forward into the future, we constantly strive to deliver content that is informative, entertaining, and meaningful, so you can get the most out of the stuff you love to play, watch and listen to daily.

The Crew

  • Tony Antunovich

    Publisher & Director

    Tony is the Founder, Publisher and Director of Metaleater. As the guy that wears several hats, he oversees Metaleater's operations, manages content, and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

    In his free time, Tony likes crushing enemies and blowing things up on his Xbox consoles, watching movies and 80s TV shows, listening to music, and exercising. He is also a seasoned drummer, loves popcorn, and wears t-shirts all year round. His favorite characters are The Incredible Hulk and Optimus Prime. Oh, and he hates shaving.

  • Tom Gibbs


    Tom Gibbs is a 29 year-old freelance writer from the coast of Massachusetts. He earned a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. What he wants most through his work with Metaleater is to connect with others who share his interests and passions. A die-hard video game enthusiast, Tom frequently logs on to Steam and Origin checking out the latest indie titles, and is also a PlayStation fan.

    Outside of work and enduring the hardest difficulty setting of any video game, Tom enjoys fantasy and horror stories, an embarrassing number of podcasts, professional wrestling and movies. He is also left-handed and states that Mystery Science Theater 3000 changed his life for the better.

  • Courtney Keenan


    Courtney is a 24 year-old writer from the great state of Georgia. As her passions lie heavily in the music industry, her work with Metaleater is primarily focused on reviewing music. Although she loves every little nuance the industry has to offer, her preferences are extreme death metal, folk punk, and more recently, electronic dance music.

    In her limited free time, Courtney likes to hang out in music venues and tattoo parlors, and occasionally invests time in Magic: The Gathering or D&D in coffee shops with friends. She also like running raids in World Of Warcraft. Courtney recently earned a Bachelor's degree in professional writing at SCAD and hopes to run her very own music venue one day.

  • Leslie Tumbaco


    Leslie writes movie reviews at Metaleater. A recent graduate of SCAD, Leslie has invested a lot of time and energy honing her writing skills, but perhaps even more watching films and television shows. Easily amused, she enjoys everything from Romantic Comedies and Dramas to Thrillers and Superhero flicks.

    Outside of watching movies, Leslie is a self-proclaimed Internet addict, and spends much of her spare time on social media and blogging about pop culture and art. She also loves fashion and K-Pop.

  • Sean Bester


    Sean Bester is a 28 year-old a writer based in London, Ontario. He spent several years with Metaleater beginning back in 2008, and recently returned to focus once again on music reviews. Sean is a graduate of Western University, earning a double major in English Literature and Political Science, them completing his Masters in Library and Information Sciences, as well as an HR program from Fanshawe College.

    On top of his apparent hobby of collecting various degrees, Sean also loves listening to his favorite heavy metal bands (as well as discovering new ones), writing guitar tunes, spending ridiculous amounts of money of TV show DVDs, and reading. He is currently part of an experimental band called Electrodyssia, and hopes to be touring with them in the coming year.

  • Martin Pratt


    Martin is a gaming writer from the UK. Since receiving a Sega Genesis (aka Megadrive) at the tender age of 8, he has never stopped playing video games and would be completely lost without them.

    When not reviewing games at Metaleater, Martin likes to add to his vintage console collection, play the drums and replay Shenmue and Shenmue, the greatest games ever made (in his humble opinion).

  • Daniel Cooper


    Daniel is a 24 year old writer situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a recent graduate from Simon Fraser University with a degree in English. He has always had a passion for stories and was quickly hooked on video games for their unique style of storytelling. First picking up gaming with the discovery of Red Alert he has not put them down since. He spends his time gaming on his PC or Xbox, and he strongly believes Dragon Age: Origins to be one of the best games out there.

    In his spare time, Daniel enjoys cooking, reading fantasy, movies, and is working on a choice and consequence narrative game.

  • Melissa Dex Guzman


    Melissa is a Vancouver-based photographer who shoots weddings and engagements by day, and eSports and the Rock and Roll concert scene by night. It's kind of like Bruce Wayne turning into Batman, but less dangerous (and probably a whole lot less cool).

    Aside from being a filthy casual gamer, she enjoys things like food emojis, cilantro, digital sociology, virtual reality, and the smell of lavender.

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