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  1. Interview

    Asenblut Vocalist Tetzel Talks About New EP Legenden

    Asenblut vocalist Tetzel

    By Tony Antunovich

  2. Interview

    A Conversation with BraveWords CEO Metal Tim Henderson

    Metal Tim Henderson from

    By Tony Antunovich

  3. Interview

    A Candid Conversation With Metal Mike Chlasciak

    Metal Mike Chlasciak

    By Tony Antunovich

  4. Interview

    Jorn Lande Talks About His New Album

    Jorn Lande

    By Tony Antunovich

  5. Interview

    Dragonforce Guitarist Has Zero Expectations for New Album

    Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li

    By Tony Antunovich

  6. Interview

    Overkill Frontman Says The Grinding Wheel Has Diversity Throughout

    Overkill's Bobby Blitz Ellsworth

    By Courtney Keenan